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Edgica has been invited to participate in the Odyssey Hackathon 2019 (Odyssey.org), the world’s biggest blockchain & AI hackathon.

The event will take place in Groningen, the Netherlands, on April 11-15th, and will bring together 1,500 developers, creatives, and entrepreneurs from all over the world to solve 20 real societal challenges using blockchain, AI or other innovative technology.

Together with physical safety experts, firefighters, the Dutch Ministry of Justice & Security, and other techs, legal, and regulatory experts, we will be building a prototype solution in the domain of Crisis and Disaster Management.

Edgica team consists of the business, python/blockchain, IoT, and web/mobile software experts. We hope to work on an IOT enabled blockchain solution, a prototype, proof of concept that will contribute to public safety, by sharing of information regarding the transport and storage of hazardous materials among private companies, public and governmental authorities.

We are excited to join the hackathon and start the Odyssey adventure! Stay connected 🙂

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