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Native mobile applications


We offer a complete package of services and skills to get your mobile app from an idea and concept development, to UX/UI design, full-cycle software engineering, to deployment and continuous support. Our specialized teams use design-and-change-driven agile approach to deliver supreme quality valuable results every 2-3 weeks. Find more about our approach here

Native applications for Apple gadgets


We have profound expertise in custom development of native iOS apps for iPhone and iPad devices. We can effectively develop both standalone and cloud based applications.

We are exceptionally good in design and development of iOS apps with further migration to Android and wearables platforms to deliver your integrated solution to as many consumers as possible.

Android App development

We offer a complete package of services and skills to develop your native Android application.

The biggest challenge when you develop an Android App is to ensure it works (if designed so) on a variety of Android-based devices: smartphones, phones, tablets, Ultra-mobile PCs, and so on. That is why at Edgica we have a list of different Android devices for testing purposes. Moreover, our R&D team continuously monitors the market for new Android devices to keep it up to date.

Native applications for Android phones and tablets

If you have an idea of your very own application for iOS, Android, Windows Phone or cross-platform solution, we are happy to help you!


The cross-platform frameworks like Ionic, React Native, NativeScript help you to deliver your App to multiple platforms at the same time, using only front-end skills, JavaScript, or TypeScript. That means you can build rich UI mobile applications with front-end frameworks like Angular, React.js, or Vue.js.

Xamarin enables you to get native iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps using single C# based development project.

The cross-platform frameworks have the pros and cons of their usage. At Edgica, our mobile experts help, guide and support you with a complete package of services and skills whether you decide to stay on native or use cross-platform.

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