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Time to Support Ukraine

Dear Friends, Ukraine is fighting for its existence and freedom in the war against Russian aggressor. We feel and appreciate your support of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. Since the really beginning of our business activity, we at Edgica declared a policy of not...

Are you ready for a Machine Learning solution?

Machine learning (ML) seems to be on everyone’s lips nowadays, even though it’s not a novelty already. Many entrepreneurs are eager to apply ML to their companies, as its algorithms demonstrate an impressive practical value: ML allows them to examine customer behavior...

Smart City Applications 2021: Trends & Prospects

Life in big cities is a race. Every day millions of people all over the globe use public transport to get their jobs; drive their cars, bicycles, e-scooters through traffic jams and are in constant search for a parking lot; use various city services and are stuck in...

Trends of Software Development: A Look from 2021

Technologies are not standing still; they are on the upswing every day. Some software trends are changing each other, while others continue to rise. To stay on top in the field of software development, it’s vital to understand shifts in trends to be focused on realms...

Web frameworks: Django vs Spring

When a client is asking for a custom web application, the main choice that every developer should make is to pick the best available web framework to work with that can provide everything that is needed to build the desired app. Everything in development is based on...

Applications of AI for Public Good

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for good is like a modern quest for the holy grail in which the best scientists, engineers, and tech visionaries have been investing their knowledge and efforts for many decades in a row. People are fed up with cliche apocalyptic...

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