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CodeFuse (www.codefuse.io) is a UK-based company that provides solutions to allow regression test automation to deliver rapid business value and give software development teams worldwide clear quality insight with minimal efforts in set-up and maintenance.

Their solutions are based on a comprehensive web application, that provides different test automation services. The client wanted to add various new reporting/statistics features to the application. Naturally, the reports and statistics depend on a deep understanding of the data and business logic. The challenge was in the absence of documented knowledge about both the data and the logic.


In the beginning, we involved our experts to perform reverse engineering and analysis of the data layer to define business rules and dependencies which were essential for reporting feature. The knowledge was carefully tested, verified and documented.

After that, we designed and developed a number of smart features using modern web components and solutions, such as Dashboard with interactive charts and tables, detailed reports of user’s test results, ROI and Break-Even analytics, export to offline HTML, PDF and Excel and so on.

The project team of 2 developers and 1 tester worked with the team from the client-side using agile Scrum methodology.


.NET, C#, Azure, MS SQL, Javascript, knockout.js, jspdf, jqplot, HTML/CSS, and SQL.

Client feedback

“Well planned, good communications, delivered what they said they would. Recommended!”
Gordon Marsh
CEO, CodeFuse

If you have any questions about the project case, or an idea of a similar solution, please, get back to us, we are happy to help you!

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