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Ioteelab (later known as WasteHero) was founded in 2017 with the brilliant idea to revolutionize the waste industry by data, to digitalize and improve the services that have remained untouched by the fast-paced development of technology.

The client’s team designed and developed the smart IoT device that is placed to a waste container, measures and sends data about the level of waste in it. The client needed help with the development of a platform to aggregate and manage the data.

The most critical aspect was to arrange work in close collaboration with the team in Denmark, as the time was short and the requirements were not clearly defined.


We started with 2-months onsite work at the premises of the client in Denmark. Our Python/Django back-end software developer worked in deep collaboration with the client’s team. After that phase, the software architecture was designed and tested.

In parallel, we worked on the UX/UI design of the platform, that was finalized after several iterations. The React Front-end was developed in 2 months after that, mostly remotely.

As a result, the client gets the platform with advanced analytics for monitoring the collection efficiency, calculating cost savings, navigation routes, and more to minimize costs and lower the CO2 footprint of waste.

More about the platform

Python, Django, Django REST framework, React, PostgreSQL, IOT

If you have any questions about the project case, or an idea of a similar solution, please, get back to us, we are happy to help you!

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