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We offer a complete package of services and skills to develop comprehensive cloud solutions. Edgica teams use design-and-change-driven agile approach to deliver supreme quality valuable results every 2-3 weeks.
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Unless your mobile app or web solution runs in standalone mode, it is not enough just to develop an app or web itself. You need to think about the product’s backend to store data, manage users, working with content, collect statistics and perform analysis, run business logic services, push updates and so on. There are two ways to get the product’s backend developed:


Custom development with deployment in public clouds like Google, Amazon or in own private cloud


Build backend for your solution using specialized platforms like Firebase and Parse. In that case you get maximum features designed to support your product including possibility to work in offline mode with delayed synchronization.

We at Edgica have extensive experience with either way you choose for your backend development, and our specialists have a specialized set of skills in general cloud technologies, as well as in Python, JavaScript, JSON, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Java, C#, in particular.

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We are happy to discuss with you the pros and cons, challenges and possible solutions in cloud/fog for your mobile app or web.


The continuously growing number of connected smart devices combined with the growing number of opportunities in the Big Data Analysis field create a trend and a necessity to shift analysis and decision making tasks FROM cloud (servers) to network edge devices, such as smartphones, tablets, connected IoT devices, and other smart things on the edge.

The edge devices and peer-to-peer communication between them form new environment called FOG. The central point in FOG concept is new data gravity concept

Data in cloud:       Store     >  Analyze >  Act  >  Notify
Data in fog/cloud: Analyze >  Notify    >  Act   >  Store

In other words, the difference between the first traditional way is about shifting the Analysis, Notification and Action from cloud to fog and use cloud for Storing data.

Edgica can provide solutions in fog/cloud field for your product using different technologies and platforms.


The blockchain is an innovative technology of distributed, secured storing of records. Records are any type of data transactions that are entered chronologically. Those records are encrypted and stored in blocks that are linked to each other so that every next block contains a hash of the previous one. The blocks are shared among all participants (hosts) of the blockchain, so every host contains a full copy of all registered records.

In fact, the blockchain is a highly secured, distributed (decentralized) database, every record of which can be verified by any participant (host) of the blockchain. Subsequently, the records’ verification becomes open and transparent, without third-party verification required.

This approach creates endless possibilities for applications. The most known solutions that are based on blockchain are cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and altcoins.

Since the blockchain is a relatively new technology, our specialists make sure to consistently stay on top of the technology advances and its applications.


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