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We value trust and honesty! We have years of experience in software engineering and proven expertise in a dozen of different methodologies. This extensive experience has led us believe that the agile methodology, custom tailored to each project’s needs works the best. Nevertheless, since we want you in the driver’s seat, we are always open to consider your way if you see it differently. Our ultimate goal is for our customers to get the product they dreamed of regardless of the approach.

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We believe that success of every IT idea is ultimately the result of three major factors: meeting every client’s expectations, providing unquestionable quality of the solution and focusing on time-to-market delivery. In order to achieve our value proposition, we provide:

Transparent collaboration

We open our project environment to you, so you can share your expectations, participate and control the development of your idea.


Effective communication is key!

You are connected to each member of your project team via all available communication tools (skype, email, WebEx, phone) or in person.

Access to all your IP assets

You will have access to project repository with documents, design and source code of stable versions of your product from the very beginning of our cooperation.


Concept, R&D and Prototyping

Concept development,
R&D, IoT device prototyping

It does not matter if you have already formalized your idea or not. Our team has profound expertise in solutions engineering and customer experience, so you can benefit from working on the concept of your app alongside our creative team.

Some projects require preliminary research tasks and development of proof-of-concept prototypes to define challenges and solutions. If you plan your own brand-new IoT device as part of your solution, it is important to evaluate technical and other challenges at the very beginning.

We at Edgica can support you with a team of talented engineers, architects, analysts and designers to get your concept designed.

Engagement model: Time & Materials

Do you want to discuss with us your product concept and get a quote, understand challenges and find solutions? Please, send us email to info@edgica.com or use the form on the RFP page. It costs nothing. Please, let us know if you need an NDA signed before.

UX/UI design

The user interface design and customer experience are extremely important. These are the look and feel, graphical style, forms, buttons, screens and every other item that makes users fall in love with your app. That is why we believe in involving designers before software engineering activities. This is your product, this is your design, this is your control!

When it comes to the design tasks, we send you portfolio of our top designers and you decide which of those you like the most to start a journey with towards your best mobile app or web solution design.

Engagement model: Fixed Cost, Time & Materials

UX/UI Design
Iterative Software Development

Engagement model: Fixed cost per iteration, Fixed cost per project, Time & Materials.

Full-Cycle software development

Here at Edgica we use smart, change-driven, agile-based methodologies of software development (like Scrum, Kanban) that focus on time-to-market delivery.


The whole scope is split into 2-3 weeks iterations. After each iteration, you get a stable version of your product, which eventually shortens the time-to-market and may result in higher revenue for your business.


There is a reason why it’s called change driven development. In other words, it is normal when you change requirements during development. We expect you to make changes! It is our task to listen to you and implement these changes as smoothly as possible.


After each iteration, we can re-plan the backlog, define what features to be developed in the next step, so you can start receiving valuable feedback from the market sooner than later.
You remain connected to the team all the time; you define priorities for the product/sprint backlog, control “burn down” toward completion, provide feedback and change requirements on the fly.
On the other hand, if you don’t want to get yourself deep into these tasks, you can always pass that role to someone from our team.

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How do we deal with the estimation of the entire project when the scope is not fixed? Is there a way to stay agile and change driven, and still get the appropriate estimate and plan a budget? Yes. We believe there is a way to conciliate both things. Learn more.


When we see a successful startup, we often fancy their road to success to be like a straight line, an arrow striking directly at the target. In reality, in the case of a wrong initial defining of the purpose or design of the app, it could easily turn into a disaster. Let’s talk about the MVP and its scope as an efficient method to involve users in the creation of a new product. Learn more.

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