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We design and develop top-notch apps and innovative software products for web, mobile, wearables, Internet of Things (IoT), the blockchain, and more. Edgica can make your dream web or mobile product come true, digitalize your business using IoT prototyping, edge and cloud solutions, or tokenize your application with blockchain. See what else we can do for you.


We are keen on using cutting-edge technologies and trends such as machine learning, blockchain distributed apps (dapps), hybrid and native mobile apps, apps for wearables, microservices architecture, and serverless computing. The list of technologies we use includes but not limited to the following:

Launching an app swiftly at minimal cost? Check!

Take a look at our smart, change-driven, agile-based process that focuses on time-to-market delivery. It allows you to:


Work on the concept and design of your mobile app or web solution together with our creative team


Participate in development, communicating your expectations to every team member


Evaluate results every 2-3 weeks and plan next iterations


Control your budget and stop at any time when expected results are achieved


Get sustainable support for your app and its promotion after launching.

Please, check out our approach page for more information.


Simply drop us a line! We’ll come back to you with questions and ideas via skype/email/phone. Once we are sure we understand your expectations, we’ll come back with a detailed quote that will help you evaluate the scope and cost, assess challenges, plan deliveries and project timeline, meet project team and more.



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